Writing Challenge – 15 Days, 15 Letters

As a writer, I like to keep my writing game constantly fresh and I always like a good writing challenge.  On my journey across the internet to find interesting writing things, I found this after realising I had missed out on this.

I’ve picked a list and I’ve modified it to be 15 letters, because I’ve come across different versions, and because it makes more sense to me this way! The main reason for this is, that it helps me keep in touch with my roots of deadlines and my love of writing in general. Also, it is something I’ve always loved doing. Writing letters (whether I send them or not) is something that holds a special place in my life!

This is the list, and from the 2nd of December, I shall begin this! In addition to blog articles I (hope to) come up with, there will be a letter over 15 days! Names will not be mentioned, for the sole reason that I respect the privacy of people in my life. I shall be addressing them as per the title for the day, and maybe a representative alphabet or something, for those who need to be referred to over and over again. This is going to be a fun and insightful 30 days of writing 🙂

  • Day 1 — Dear close friends
  • Day 2 — Dear Mum
  • Day 3 — Dear Dad
  • Day 4 — Dear Brother
  • Day 5 — Dear friends that are like family
  • Day 6 — Dear relatives/family I’m fond of
  • Day 7 — Dear hopes and dreams
  • Day 8 — Dear world
  • Day 9 — Dear stranger
  • Day 10 — Dear people who have been wonderful mentors
  • Day 11 — Dear younger version of me
  • Day 12 — Dear me who I wish I could be
  • Day 13 — Dear future me
  • Day 14 — Dear person I miss
  • Day 15 — Dear Mondays

Anyone care to join me?

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