How To Become A Good Writer

I’ve been told many times that I am eloquent in my writing and that my writing is really well-rounded. I would love to say that the only reason I’ve been able to write is because I practiced and practiced, but the truth is…it started with love. A true love for writing that was instilled in me by my mum. You can’t enjoy writing if no one has taught you how to love it, and that’s exactly how I feel about reading, too (another subject for another time).

Apart from my love for writing, I’ve learned a few things over the years regarding what helped me write better, and I would like to share that here today, especially for those wondering, “can I make a living as a writer?” The answer to that is a resounding yes, and here’s how:

  • Write about things that interest you on a regular basis, as there’s nothing worse than writing about something you don’t care about.
  • Write in and from your happy place. If you’re not in the mood to write, don’t write. Similarly, don’t sit in a regular, uninspiring place when you’re seeking to inspire others through your words.
  • Read, a lot! I started reading authors with vastly different styles of writing, and started understanding how tone of voice can affect the content you are trying to communicate. You could have the greatest content to pass on to the outside world, but I’ll be honest – say it wrong, and no one’s going to care.
  • Put yourself out there. It was the scariest thing for me to get my writing out there into the world when it wasn’t as a team-based writer. But I did. I wrote a blog, put it out there and that’s how I knew I was doing well.
  • Learn to be conversational. Many people write too stiffly. I find that it’s so much better to write like you talk (without all the umms and ahhs). People relate to it better. It’s not an easy task at first, but it’s something to strive for.

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