Hello. You’ve either stumbled on here as a friend or loved one (in which case, thank you for being supportive!), or you’re here to meet your next best content asset.

I’ve always loved to write. It took some time to realise how much, but I did. Random scribbles on papers and napkins, makeshift diaries, notes on the phone, drafted messages…Every medium I could, I’d write. It helped me discover thoughts and stories about myself. It helped me work on the person I was, to be the person I am.

My passion for writing in my personal life is what got me into the field of writing for a profession. Content writing, copywriting, brand storytelling, product articles – you name it, I write it.

However, I’m not just a writer who pats myself on the back for a brief / job well-executed. I dedicate myself to each project I work on, and ensure that not only do you get what you’re hoping for, but also that I’m proud of the work I do. It needs to be a win all around, otherwise how is it fair, right?

That being said, I also love writing for myself. I have another blog that keeps me going when I need a creative outlet, that I built from scratch and has a following of its own. This blog, however, is going to be more about content, writing, copy and things that go with it.

So, however you got here, welcome – I hope you like what you see.

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